Absinthropy​/​Black Shoals Split

by Absinthropy



released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Leamington

No longer my solemn, just a shadow
Of what this town has made me
Trying to find peace where nothing is real
Always longing always searching for me
I left this world on repetitive terms
This can’t continue as I won’t exist

This desperate journey should not be me

No longer asking, trying to stop giving
To everything I no longer am

This is a calling to the mind to break peace
With this life I whole heatedly hate

Fear this town

… And then it rained.

Pressing, reinventing
Holding back all I am by binging life in stagnant coil

Stripping away all own character
Shimmering visions once so loyal

Leamington with no reconcile
Leamington provoke the vile

Staring above this town with hazy eyes
Trying to remember when I died

Leamington with no reconcile
Leamington provoke the vile

Track Name: Life Spent Dying MMXV
Life Spent Dying

I can't take it anymore
I'm tired of knocking on that door
I never find and answer
I could feel it slip away
But hoped to God that it would stay
Now there's blood on my hands

I fell in love
I fell apart
You fell from heaven
And in to my heart
I fell to pieces
When I fell for you
You give me life
But I'm dying too

I can't close my eyes at night
and dream that everything will be alright
Nothing changes when I wake
I could feel it disappear
With every drop of every tear
Now there's blood on my hands

I can see it's oh so clear
The big black cloud is getting near
And it's blocking out the sun
Now I know that I was wrong
The truth is written in this song
The bloods on your hands too