Absinthropy - Side Absinthe

by Absinthropy

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released October 25, 2011



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Track Name: Apocalypse

I remember how it started
I was afraid to be alone
So I tool a knife to cut my wrists
When I left home
I was numb as I was crazy
So I bled to feel the pain
And even though you saved me
I would do it all again

Find my body on the side of the road
Heaven isn't where I belong
I thought my light had flickered out
And I laughed when I was wrong

I started drinking
Drinking myself to death
It's not the first time
I've wished for my final breath
There'd be no pain tomorrow
If I ended this today
It was a self-destructive mission
To take my life away

Track Name: Life Spent Dying
Life Spent Dying

I can't take it anymore
I'm tired of knocking on that door
I never find and answer
I could feel it slip away
But hoped to God that it would stay
Now there's blood on my hands

I fell in love
I fell apart
You fell from heaven
And in to my heart
I fell to pieces
When I fell for you
You give me life
But I'm dying too

I can't close my eyes at night
and dream that everything will be alright
Nothing changes when I wake
I could feel it disappear
With every drop of every tear
Now there's blood on my hands

I can see it's oh so clear
The big black cloud is getting near
And it's blocking out the sun
Now I know that I was wrong
The truth is written in this song
The bloods on your hands too

Track Name: If I Can Live Through This
If I can live through this
I wonder what it takes to kill me

Track Name: Silent Panic (December 2008)
Silent Panic (December 2008)

Breathless, stuck in blue hysteria
Trembling like a leaf
Your face was so pure, my malign was wrapped on mine

Remembering how we were, what we had and how we touched
Like no other is this cascade of silver tears that I blink into your memory
Why taint a dream with this drear of night wonder and oval webs as we Dance

Please it doesn’t have to be this way, why can’t you remember what we had and the things we say? I’m cutting away, wasting away, rotting away…
You were my life.

Track Name: Misery Feels Like Home
Misery Feels Like Home

I want to drown, in the deep end of your soul
And I'll bury myself, facedown in your heart
'Cos it's up to you, and it's down to me
When I close my eyes, I see

Hanging dreams from ceiling beams
I watch them die
Before my eyes
All I want is this
To feel deaths divine kiss
I'll stay here long enough to let you know

I'm letting go, I'm letting go
I'm letting go, of life

Happiness feels like guilt inside
And all my smiles are ashamed
I had a dream, where you died and I was left alone
My darling, misery feels like home