Epoch​.​Of​.​Stars Split

by Absinthropy

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Absinthropy split with Epoch.Of.Stars.

This release contains two brand new songs, an old unreleased track and a cover of Das Model by Kraftwerk.

This will be released via Dying Sun Records on Cassette.

The line-up to this release is the Live incarnation of Absinthropy


released October 10, 2013

White - Everything and Songwriting

Fowler - Vocals and Songwriting

Hinksman - Guitar

Brien - Bass



all rights reserved
Track Name: Grey

Under the clandestine cloak of the moon
A solace is found
Under veils of intoxication
On a blackened journey we're bound

The day when you turned out the lights
The sky turned a thousand shades of grey
And though I wish you could have stayed
I hope it's brighter where you are

It never stops, it never ends
We drink it down, again and again
If I could start it over, I wouldn't change a thing
To all the ones I've loved and lost
I raise a drink

Track Name: LBTH

As I call upon the four corners of the regicide
I influx forward towards this provoked channel
That guides me to a halt
A halt that tangles one deep away from their true self

Reaping in confusion
No disposition
Clenching with rotten hands
To my own sorrowful damaged being
Lead to believe your lies, alas

As I walk in this cold snap of fear
I gambled a look over our unity
A slow stemming realization was always there
I stopped for a moment
And I shook repeatedly

Consumption stands in a glass
Mark my words I will stand and last
You will always break what you begin
Heartless soul who kisses akin

Lead by the heartless
Our acts are callous
An ugly being capable of foreseeing
The dregs and feelings of those well being
Hail to the night, the darkness pleases
And imprisons me

Track Name: Das Model (Kraftwerk Cover)
Sie ist ein Modell und sie sieht gut aus
Ich nehme sie heut' gerne mit zu mir nach Haus
Sie wirkt so kuehl, and sie kommt niemand 'ran
Doch vor der Kamera da zeigt sie was sie kann

Sie trinkt im Nachtklub immer Sekt (korrekt)
Und hat hier alle Maenner abgecheckt
Im Scheinwerferlicht ihr junges Laecheln strahlt
Sie sieht gut aus und Schoenheit wird bezahlt

Sie stellt sich zu Schau fuer das Konsumprodukt
Und wird von millionen Augen angeguckt
Ihr neues Titelbild ist einfach Fabelhaft
Ich muss sie wiedersehen, ich weiss sie hat's geschaft